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Neon Animation Editing Software [Full version]

The software is a necessary software for lighting designers, is an expert in making neon or led lighting animation, is suitable for personal or corporate and it is easy for anyone to use. The software can make near real lighting animation effects for your customers and the beautiful lighting effects will attract your customers and help you to undertake lighting engineering or led project. It supports the output of avi video or exe format animation files. And your client does not need to install any plugins to play your lighting animation works.

The installation package includes NeonEdit program, NeonPlay program and Screen to tol collector program. Using this software will request a USBkey. You can buy a USBkey here and start your LED animation. The USBkey will not expire, there is no time limit. And the software supports permanent free upgrades>>

Product Updates

Recent Upgrade History and Description


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    This full version starts to support upgrades. It integrates upgrade modules to upgrade your software without changing USB keys. Full version is the latest benchmark version, and upgrades need its support..
  • 10.012017

    Correct all kinds of feedback errors and BUG, optimize the operation of 64-bit system and WIN8/WIN10.


  • 09.012016

    (01). Increase the output of SD card files of more LED chips
    (02). Adding line definition can be scaled open
    (03). Increase the maximum number of lights in the port
    (04). To modify the line definition window tool to add text description program output before the line automatic wiring output chip file
    (05). Modify the default spacing and size of horizontal and vertical tiles
    (06). Adding a palette allows you to enter custom numbers to change the color overgrade
  • 04.012016

    (01). Adding Controller Compiler System
    (02). Correction of various feedback problems


  • 12.012015

    (01). Adding 64-point single-line controller
    (02). Increase P9883/P9886/P9889
    (03). Optimizing the function of importing DXF files
    (04). The need to register for revising the English version of NoenEdit
    (05). Modify the problem that closing Neonplay will cause an error pop-up box
  • 10.012015

    (01). Increase compiler output
    (02). Improve menus and tips
    (03). modify all kinds of BUG
  • 07.012015

    (01). Adding animation words and adding vertical layout mode
    (02). Increase pattern effect word input and increase multi-line word input
    (03). Increase pattern effect word input, increase scroll up and scroll down
  • 06.012015

    (01). Update, upgrade and optimize the compiler system to make the output of SD card animation files more convenient and easy.
  • 05.012015

    (01). Update the encryption system of each function of the software, and give more copyright protection to the designer.
  • 02.012015

    (01). Strengthen and improve DXF line file import function of AUTOCAD and CDR, improve import algorithm and add custom import parameter function
    (02). Improving NeonPlay vulnerabilities and operational errors


  • 11.012014

    (01). Adding four starting positions of line blocks: upper left, upper right, lower left and lower right
    (02). The problem of incorrect pattern file prompt when modifying the merge of super-large files
    (03). Change flash to grid to SWF file to grid
    (04). Merge the DXF files output by CorelDraw and AutoCAD into a menu item
    (05). Modifying the number of rows and columns of imported DXF files and the number of rows and columns of pattern files does not clear the pattern data at the same time, but scales the pattern data.
    (06). Modify the saved line map file to output WMF image file. When the software exits, it will remind the saved line file to be saved.
    (07). Repair the problem of shutting down the software when NEONEDIT exits.
    (08). Options to add custom colors in color substitution for grid files.
    (09). To modify the debugging board button is not intuitive, first change to check box is more intuitive.
    (10). If the channel number is added before each channel, the channel number will be changed according to the channel number. If there is no channel number, the channel number will be changed according to the adding order.   Importing DXF files should check that the channel sequence is consistent with that in DXF files. There must be numbers in the channel number, such as C1, C2 or P1, P2, or directly 1, 2, 3.
    (11). Indicate whether to define line connection data before adding output chip files
    (12). Modifying the corresponding prompt of primitive segmentation is not clear. The range of primitive column number exceeds the limit, and the number of primitives is larger than the number of grid columns, so it can not correspond to the grid. (13). To modify the number of rows and columns for collecting patterns. When the number of frames is too large, the software will automatically quit.
  • 07.012014

    (1). Enhancement/repair of curve Circle Recognition of DXF file imported by Neon Edit into CorelDraw
    (2). Modify empty channels after importing DXF files
    (3). Modify line definition window display error.
  • 05.032014

    (1). DMX512 adds monochrome and bichrome compilation.
    (2). Adding monochrome and bichrome compilation to single line series.
    (3). Colour Retrieval and Preservation.
  • 03.012014

    (1). Adding 28 transposition effects to the pattern program.
    (2). Flash import function increases start and end navigation bar can see every frame of flash in real time, better algorithm reduces the import of black area.
    (3). Fixed some BUGs of genuine validation and removed some unrelated prompts.
    (4). Fixed some BUGs inside the software


  • 11.092013

    (1). Neonplay pattern operation adds 28 transit effects.
    (2). Neonplay pattern program palette adds visual palette selection function, col files are placed in col folder under the folder where the software is located, and the palette is read automatically when the software runs.
    (3). Adding two modes to palette and covering mode.
    (4). NeonEdit adds Tools menu to add functions to Neonplay pattern manipulation.
    (5). Neon Edit Increases 28 Transition Special Effects.
    (6). Neon Edit pattern program palette adds visual palette selection function, col files are placed in col folder under the folder where the software is located, and the palette is read automatically when the software runs.
    (7). Adding two modes to palette and covering mode.
    (8). Modify the errors in importing the Betz curve in the DXF file in Neonedit.
  • 10.122013

    (1). NeonEdit cannot save the color retrieve property in the line file.
    (2). Modified Neonplay block operation errors in overlay mode.
    (3). Modify Neonplay to import some of the Katie animation pictures can not display the normal proportion of errors and there will be no discoloration errors when playing the elements.
    (4). Neonlay adds image primitives for importing new Cady animation.
    (5). Adding the function of automatic import line definition LDF file rotation drawing.
    (6). Each channel can define RGB color sequence function in NeonEdit custom line.
    (7). Improving NeonPlay to add the function of the grid program for putting forward Kaidi animation.
    (8). Improve NeonPlay to add the image function of Cady animation.
    (9). Improving NeonPlay to Increase the Function of Converting Cady Animation 2006 Edition.
    (10). Increase the output of single-wire chip 1024X32 controller.
  • 05.222013

    (1). The generated EXE animation can increase the number of playback restrictions and prevent bad "stealing" behavior.
    (2). The EXE animation generated can increase the limit of playing days and prevent bad "stealing" behavior.
    (3). Integrate Play2013.exe into NeonPlay for portable software.
    (4). To further improve the software authentication system and safeguard the rights and interests of legitimate users.
  • 04.202013

    (1). Supporting the merging of super large pattern files [TOL]
    (2). Supporting the output of super large SD card file [Bin]
    (3). For perforated lamp wiring: upgrade and modify the DXF algorithm derived from AutoCad, support three kinds of lamp wiring.
    (4). For the wiring of perforated lamp: Optimize the calculation of the distance between AucoCad and circle elements in Dxf file to make the wiring more reasonable.
    (5). For perforated lamp wiring: add Dxf files that support CorelDraw export.
    (6). The software uses real-name registration, and displays the registration code of the encrypted dog and the name of the registrant at the top of the software.
  • 01.012013

    Automatically encrypt the EXE animation file output, which is an important upgrade, meaning that only oneself Encryption dogs can open/edit their own EXE, while others can only play EXE instead of opening EXE. It has put an end to piracy such as cheating and stealing maps, and in the end has prevented others from illegally extracting their own TOL, pictures and animation effects.


  • 09.012012

    (1). Adding MP3 Music Function to AVI Animation.
    (2). Adding 1024X16 Compiler System.
    (3). Add the function of directly deleting rhythm in block operation of program editing in NeonPlay.
    (4). The option of increasing the number of reproduced primitives in the move of NeonPlay primitives.
    (5). Neon Edit Increases Output Modification of 1024X16 Controller for Single-Wire Chips.
    (6). After setting the number of rows and columns by modifying the property in NeonPlay, the error of showing the number of rows and columns is 1 when displaying the property again.
    (7). NeonPlay modifies primitive segmentation by default.
    (8). NeonPlay modifies the errors of automatic pattern editing, V-type movement and V-type flip from bottom to top, right to left.
    (9). Neon Edit modifies errors in generating first beat from right to left and bottom to empty beat in V-shaped movement and V-shaped flip under automatic pattern.
  • 07.012012

    (1). NeonPlay supports AVI animation file output to play more generic, while maximizing the protection of the copyright of the designer.
    (2). Modify the animation in NeonPlay when playing the demo error in the high-altitude mask.
    (3). Amend the Error of 2048-Point Controller Circuit Definition in Single-Wire Chip in Neon Edit Compilation.
    (4). Amend the encryption function of compiler system.
  • 05.122012

    (1). Add Flash/SWF Transfer to Grid [TOL] under Neonplay Tool Menu.
    (2). Add Flash/SWF Mesh Transition [TOL/COT] under Neon Edit Metric Editing Menu
  • 04.062012

    (1). Upgrading Software Protection Mechanisms.
    (2). Add compiler system: 2048x16.
    (3). Modify the inactive opening error under the NeonPlay menu.
    (4). Correct Neon Edit's error of modifying the blank behind the palette.
    (5). Node editing in the correction toolbar doesn't work - note: you can only edit Bates curves and folds. Lines, which can only be edited one primitive at a time: a Baez curve or a polyline.
  • 03.102012

    (1). The collector can collect up to 50,000 frames of material animation at one time in 2012.
    (2). Support TOL and 256 level COT output at the same time.
  • 02.232012

    This version is an important upgrade. The new version supports 256 levels of grid files and palette files, new 256, etc. Level 1 grid files are saved with. COT extension, and the original 128-level grid files. TOL continues to be compatible.
    (1). Increase. COT 256 level grid file.
    (2). Adding 256 levels of color to the palette.
    (3). Adding full selection and customization of seven colors to the palette.
    (4). Correction of free transformation errors, mask deletion, image mask reversal.
    (5). Correction and compatibility of antivirus software.


  • 12.082011

    (1). Add: Import the function of HD super-large picture file, at the bottom of the Insert menu.
    (2). Increase: PNG image turned into mask layer.
    (3). Increase: Can arbitrary deformation increase radian adjustment function after placing?
    If the building has radian, it is troublesome to decompose and adjust it.The solution is to divide them into line segments without interrupting them.
  • 10.312011

    (1). Increase the compilation of single line 1024X8
  • 10.182011

    (1). Increase the compilation of DMX512 series controllers: 170-point X8 channel.
    (2). Increase the compilation of DMX512 series controllers: 512-point X8 channel.
    (3). Adding the compilation of DMX512 series controllers: 1024-point X8 channel
  • 07.222011

    (1). Solve the problem of exporting EXE to be killed by virus.
    (2). Upgrading Compiler System for Single-Wire Chips
  • 07.072011

    (1). Enhance animation pixels to 1024*768
    (2). Can support the output of static pictures, customers can print static effects.
    (3). Problem solving: After the output of animation, the size of the screen and the production interface is not the same. The animation image is very low.
    (4). Problem solving: Drawing the interface according to the blank space when dragging the animated surface is the opposite direction, and PS is also the opposite.
    (5). Upgrade PLAY2006 Player to PLAY2011.


  • .

    ================ Commonparameters========================= Common driver IC can support: TM1803, TM1804, TM1806, TM1809, TM1812, TLS3001, TLS3002, TLS3008, UCS1903, UCS1906, UCS1909, UCS1912, LPD6803, LPD8803, LPD8806, D705, P9813, UCS5903, UCS6909, UCS6912, UCS7009, WS2801, WS2803, DM412, DM413, 74HC595, 6B595, DM114, DM134, DM13C, TB62726, MBI5024, MBI5026, HL1609, HL1616, ZQ9712, A8012, IT1701, ST2221C, SM16122, TLS3003, TLS3004, TLS3005, UCS7009, CD4094, AT1001, P9816, ST313, ST316, WS2811, UCS3903, UCS3906, UCS3909, UCS3912, UCS2903, UCS2909, UCS2912, BS0901, BS0902.....
    The above LED driver chips have corresponding LED controllers, which can be applied to: guardrail tube, digital tube, point light source, perforated lamp, dot matrix screen, pixel lamp, light emitting word.
    Soft lamp bar, LED module, high power lamp tube, etc.
    Supported signals: single line (DAT, GND), double line (DAT, CLK, GND), three line (DAT, CLK, LAT, GND), international standard DMX512 (A, B).
    Supported storage: IIC, EEPROM, FLASH, SD card, CF card.
    Supported synchronization: 220V power supply self-synchronization, master-slave synchronization, Ethernet synchronization.
    Supported output: TTL output, RS485 output, high power drive output, voltage regulation output.
    Support updates: programmer, USB card reader, Ethernet
    Supporting signal: 400KHZ - - 20MHZ
    Supported Gray Level: 16 - 256
    Supported frame change: 15HZ - 100HZ..

Top Features

Top1: Added high-definition big picture import

The new high-definition big picture import function solves the blurred problems of small resolution or unclear enlargement...

Top2: Added animation to avi video output

When you need to watch lighting animations on your phone, you can output video files in avi format through this feature...

Top3: Added EXE animation files Preview time limit

To protect our lights animation works, we need to limit customer preview time. You can use this setting to set a time to use or preview the work file...

Top4: Added work encryption protection

Select encryption output function, you can protect the work file. Encrypted works cannot be opened and edited in other USBkey users...

Top5: Added PNG format Picture as Mask layer

This function is very powerful, it can produce more realistic lighting effect. Use a transparent picture in png format to mask and make the feathering effect...

Top6: new Added mixing color template and level

Added a lot of ready-made color plate templates, more convenient to use. And it also improves work efficiency and saves time to make color styles...

Top7: Added avi video convert to grid file

With this feature, You can quickly import video into a grid file...