Ctl source files:

Ctl format file is the default storage source file of Neonplay program in Neon Animation Editing Software and also the source file of animation effects. It can be edited and modified by neonplay software. Ctl file can be used as a template file for the case and includes layers and music, you can extract the grid file inside and save it. You can also apply grid files and use them in your own work. Ctl format template files help to improve the user's software production skills and learning. If you are not a user of our software, please go to the home page to buy our software. It is shared only with our software users.


Show videos download link: https://1drv.ms/f/s!ApNxFWv1jKsKc9B5w7X2GcTCqGo

Ctl source files Download link: https://1drv.ms/u/s!ApNxFWv1jKsKbIqpvLRMfeYk-u0
The extract password character: All users need to request a password from customer service.


Below is a file preview :


[Q:]How do I preview and play ctl files?

[A:]You can open the player first and load the ctl file you want to play. Or you can open "Navigation sidebar Player.exe" quickly and directly to play any works.


[Q:]How do I open the file through neonplay?

[A:]You can open it by press "Ctrl+o" or by click on the toolbar "open file" button.


[Q:]How do I extract grid files from ctl?

[A:]After opening any ctl file through neonplay, press "F11" to switch to the grid window. Then click the Save button, or press "Ctrl+S" to save the current grid file.


[Q:]Why can't I open the ctl file?

[A:]It is possible that your version of neonplay is too low. Note: In the file collection, the file name with the letter "H" is a high-version source file. for high -verion source files, lower versions of software can not open. The letter "L" represents the lower version of the source file.


[Q:]What file is "*.exe"?

[A:]The *.exe format is also a source file, which is an encrypted protected work format.It may cause some anti-virus blocking to run.


[Q:]What is Navigation sidewar Player?

[A:]"Navigation sidewar Player" is an authorized player that requires a license.key. It requires a networked use. Do not delete the license.key.. You can also choose to use it offline. For more services, please contact us.